On May 15, 2014 Silva slept in a cardboard box outside to draw attention to the problem of homelessness.[2] On November 16, 2015, Silva gave God the key to the city of Stockton. [3] In December 2015 Silva announced a development plan for Stockton.[4] The plan would build on the city's waterfront and create an airport.
[4] The plan also included the establishment of an ordinance prohibiting sagging, a fashion trend.
[5] The person was said to be intolerant of diverse communities, including discriminating based on race and sexuality. LGBT organizations and atheist groups protested Silva hosting civic meetings in a church that opposed LGBT rights.
Party Candidate Votes %
Republican AnthonySilva 43,991 59.24
Democratic AnnJohnston(incumbent) 30,263 40.76
Totalvotes 74,254 100.0
[4] LGBT groups protested Silva's appointment of someone to a city planning commission.

Anthony Silva

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